Cobblebot Caper

Cobblebot Caper 1.0

Cobblebot Caper is a free Flash arcade action game
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Cobblebot Caper is a free Flash arcade action game.
In this game you will control Batman through different stages, fighting against villains and picking some power-ups that will give him more strength. You will see an arrow all the time, which will indicate you which direction you must follow to end the level. You will be able to throw your “batarang” by pressing the A key. You can hit your opponents with your fist by pressing the S key, or kick them by using the D key. To jump, you can use the spacebar. If you hold it pressed, Batman will glide without falling.

Batman will have to pass through several challenges in order to complete the levels. He will have to jump or glide from a building to another, and he will have to avoid being hit by bikers armed with chains or walking bandits. At the end of each level, he needs to defeat a Super Villain in order to be allowed to begin the next level.

You need to fulfill levels in a given time; else you will lose a life. You will lose a life if the villains hurt you, too. When you have run out of lives, the game will be over.

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